Not In Our Country

The markets were shocked this morning when the inflation numbers came out higher than expected. How could the cost of living be rising? The government is printing trillions of dollars with nothing backing their value and flooding them into the market. But this doesn't affect the United States, right? This only affects other countries that follow the same monetary policy.

If you drop a stone from a high building in New York City it will not fall, right? That only happens in other countries. There is no gravity in New York.

There was a funny interview last night on the Glenn Beck show. Two guests were being interviewed and one of them was trying to explain why printing trillions of worthless dollars will not affect our economy like it affects others that are doing the same thing, and all the other countries that have tried to do the same thing in the past.

He says, "our policy makers are smarter." What? Printing trillions of worthless dollars here has the same effect in our country as it does in others. A stone will will fall here, and hyperinflation is on its way.


  1. I started growing a garden in my backyard....should I start canning my harvest to protect me and my family??!!!!


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