Roberty Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad (number one selling business book of all time), spent some time this week with one of his financial advisors to discuss the money supply and gold. A reminder of his track record:

1997: Rich Dad Poor Dad was released. The book focused on purchasing positive cash flow real estate as an investment.

2000: Rich Dad's Guide to Investing was released. The book continued its focus on real estate but warned of irrational euphoria in the stock market. 2000 market the real peak in stock market value.

2005: In August of 2005 Kiyosaki releases an article titled "All Booms Go Bust." In it he warns of the irrational euphoria in the real estate market and puts out an all out sell signal. In that same article he says that he is taking his profits and putting them into gold and silver. At the time Gold was under $500 and silver was under $7. I have the link to the article below, please remember that this was posted at the absolute peak of the real estate market:

Here are some of his thoughts today: