Weekend Radio, Reading, and Videos

Another good weekend for radio broadcasts while you enjoy the basketball and football.

Jim Puplava provided two great discussions about the year in review and where we go from here. The first can be heard here. The second continues the review and features a fantastic interview with Gerald Celente who reveals his trends for 2010 which can be heard here.

Eric King had an excellent interview with David Tice of the Prudent Bear Fund which can be heard here.

We also had the Friday night bank failure update, and the stream of news out of China from their Central Banker, the dumping of dollars, and the problem with treasury purchases.

The two big book releases for the holidays were "The Greatest Trade Ever," about the legendary hedge fund investor who bet against subprime, and "Aftershock," which focuses on where we go from here with the global economy.

I just finished reading both and they are fantastic.

Weekend Videos: