Welcome To 2010

The last two years were two of the most exciting in history. We witnessed the meltdown in the financial markets, and the subsequent liquidity driven rally during the second half of 2009.

The question on everyone's mind is: "Where do we go from here?"

This site works every day to try and bring that answer to you. Unfortunately a short term forecast is extremely difficult to comprise due to so much government intervention in the markets. Where we go over the next 12 months will depend almost entirely on the amount of government stimulus to try and prop up our broken economy. However, if you want a specific outlook on where we go in 2010 you can read it here. I agree with the forecast 100%.

Where we go over the next 3-5 years is easier to predict. Everything the government does to try and prop up the phony economy in the short term only leads to greater damage in the long run.

Along with a new site design and name change, I have provided the answer to the question I get more than any other: "What do I do with my money today to prepare for the world tomorrow?" I have provided that link to the right.

As markets move I will update that page with the % composition of your portfolio in each category.

Some time during the year I will be providing a page focused entirely on real estate. With the residential housing market getting ready for its second wave down and the commercial real estate market poised for a complete collapse we are getting closer to the point when purchasing real estate will make sense as an investment. The real estate page will focus exclusively on that investment class.

To get 2010 started I have two important discussion topics below. Thanks for your continued reading, and buckle up for what should be a year we'll never forget.....