Weekend Watching, Listening, and Reading

An interesting video this week from Bloomberg discussing Goldman Sac's fears of a looming Japanese government debt problem:

Another interesting conversation this week on Fox Business News as they speak with Peter Schiff. I thought it was funny when he explained how America's debt burden is far worse than Greece. The talking head's response: "That doesn't matter."

Great radio show this week on the Financial Sense Newshour with Jim Puplava, especially the two mega trends topics which focus on oil and sovereign debt. (MP3 format available)

A great interview this week on King World News with James Dines.  It is a two part interview discussing the global financial system and future outlook.

And finally, the article that has everyone talking this weekend comes from Niall Ferguson: "Empires on the Edge of Chaos."  In it he looks back at history to show how empire declines come very quickly and unexpectedly and are always due to debt/fiscal problems, and he ends with how those previous falls compare with the Unites States empire today.