Commercial Real Estate Apocalypse: Prologue

Before I begin I want to emphasive the fact that I do not look at the coming American real estate and stock market crashes as something to be upset about. I look at them as opportunities.

America's democratic free market structure provides the greatest long term investing environment in the world, and in this great country there is no question that real estate is the best long term investment one can own.

American assets are about to be priced at values that will never be see again in our lifetimes. I am not mad about this, in fact I get up every morning extremely excited to prepare myself for these coming buying opportunities.

I do not own gold and silver because they are the best long term investments. In actuality, they are the worst by far. However, there are small periods throughout history when they revalue themselves to represent the currency supply growing rapidly. This is one of those times in history.

I do not own the precious metals or their mining company shares because I want to give them to my children. I own them because doing so will allow me to purchase the greatest amount of income producing real estate in the future. I can't wait to sell them.

In a normal environment real estate provides educated investors with the absolute greatest opportunities. The good news is that the already low prices are about to get even lower. I'd like to explain why using the recently released Congressional commercial real estate report, but before I do, I'd like to talk a little about what commercial real estate is, and give some real life examples of what is happening in the market today.