Intelligent Preparation

On the weekends while I spend time cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, and working out, I listen to radio shows and books on my ipod.

I just finished an excellent interview with a man named Gerald Celente who was recently visiting Chile during their terrible earthquake experience.

In the video he discussed the importance of being prepared for unlikely events.  The interview can be heard here.

He discussed that it is important to have yourself prepared for the worst, and if that situation doesn't happen, that's great, just go on with your every day life.  Every month I send a check to my car insurance company and I pay for health insurance.  I would imagine most Americans do the same thing.  They do not hope to get in a car accident or to get sick, but it is intelligent to prepare for both before they happen.

I spend a great deal of time studying the financial markets and economics. I study both history and where we are presently.  I see three potential rogue waves that could effect Americans today.  They are:

1. Government debt default
2. Currency debasement
3. Inflation risk

One thing that was discussed in the interview above was to be prepared for a wide range of risks that we face in the world today.  I do not have time personally to become an expert in all fields so I try to listen to people that are far more intelligent than I on certain topics. 

For example, I have an amazing, beautiful, girlfriend who is extremely knowledgable in the realm of nutrition and health.  Over the past few years she has taught me the dangers in the food most Americans eat, specifically the chemicals in many products.  I have cut back significantly on the amount of soda I drink and have moved to coffee.  I have cut back on many frozen foods and moved to prepared meals with more organic products.

I am not very knowledgable in the realm of politics.  My father is.   While I help him with finances, I listen and learn when he explains to me what is happening in the political world.  The other night he was discussing the instability of the parties today and the growing movement of a third party that could be a major factor in the next election.

I have a friend who works for the department of defense.  He informs me about the geo-political instabilities around the world and helps me understand the dynamics of wars we are involved in today.

My point is; don't try to be an expert on everything, but listen to people who study certain topics. 

My focus is on finance, and I will do my best to continue to inform on the coming dangers.  It will be a very bumpy ride ahead.