A Picture Of The Future

Riots began today in full force on the streets of Greece as the government began its spending cuts plan.  The plan will involve a large number of government workers either losing their jobs or taking severe pay cuts.

One can only imagine what the streets of Washington D.C. will look like in a few years when our government will be forced to make these same cuts to our beloved $138,000 average annual salaried government workers.

It will not only effect the government bubble city of D.C., but will touch every American when they find out they have been promised social security and medicare and there is no money saved for either.

Our debt crisis will be delayed with the printing press, but the scenario will end up far worse and the rioting will be in far larger numbers.

Good thing our leaders already have troops being trained down in Texas to prepare for "emergency" civil unrest.

Keep on spending Obama, the bubbly is good.