The Darker Side Of Positive

If you are someone that has read this site for a while it may be hard to believe that I am a fairly optimistic and positive person. I am also someone that agrees with the philosophy that positive thinking and visualizing your goals being achieved makes an positive impact on a person's ability to achieve those goals.

However, as with everything else on this site, I also like to study and listen to people who have an opposite belief.

The following is one of those people, Barbara Ehrenreich, who explores the darker side of positive thinking. Some of her points are very valid.  I agree that in regards to things you have no control over such as the larger economy, government mistakes, or weather, a person should focus on a realistic outcome.  However, I also believe a person can control their own destiny by making decisions that will benefit their own lives by preparing and adjusting to the reality around them.

Personal positive thinking surrounded by a real understanding of the world. Anyway, here are her thoughts on the matter: