Nassim Taleb On The Next Black Swan

I keep CNBC on my screen either at home or at work pretty much from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.  However, very rarely does the TV come off mute as 99% of the audio information is garbage.

Last night they had a guest on by the name of Nassim Teleb.  He is the author of the bestseller "The Black Swan" which became legendary after predicting the financial crisis before it appeared.

He is also one of the greatest minds of our time and an example of one of the rare times I will press unmute.

Of particular interest to me during his discussion was not if the US will have a failed Treasury auction, but when.  "That is the black swan."

We all hope that he is wrong and that foreign countries will continue to sacrifice the prosperity of their own citizens to support our ridiculous government spending.

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