Dinner With A Friend

Last night I had the great pleasure of having dinner and drinks with a good friend of mine who I sold custom homes with in Charlotte a few years ago.

We started the evening at her home having some wine with her husband in their beautiful back yard.

They are phenomenal people who have raised three children who are now out in the world succeeding in various ways.  They also belong to the 1% club.

As most people know, the top 1% of Americans control 99% of the total wealth in the country.  Her husband is a lawyer who runs a national mortgage company and employs over 20% of all the brokers in the state of North Carolina.  He's a powerhouse.

I salivate at the opportunity to spend time with members of the 1% club as I am not part of it nor are the parents that raised me.  Far from it.

I had the chance to ask detailed questions on how he created his business and how he was able to stay successful and continue to grow over the years.

I also had the chance to tell him about my personal business goals and ask his advice on how he would proceed if he were in my shoes today.

The best part of the night was when we went to Providence Country Club for food and additional drinks.  They have been members of the club for many years and multiple people sat down at our table during the night to chat.

All guests we spoke to ran large businesses and were members of the 1% club.  It amazes me how much wealthy people enjoy talking about business, money, and of course; politics.

Most people we spoke with had a similar outlook on the future of American business.  As readers of this site are aware, Obama and his team of mass economic destruction have declared war on the 1% club.  He has tax increases coming next year that, along with Obamacare taxes, should annihilate any small business growth over the next five years thus destroying the foundation of economic and job growth.

The discussions about the national debt crisis were far more mixed.  American born people we spoke with felt we had about 5-10 more years of slowing growth before the country collapsed.  One man, however, who was born in the UK felt that Obama would bring the nation into bankruptcy before the next election.  He grew up in the UK during their debt crisis and can remember food shortages and economic disaster first hand.

Americans have experienced essentially uninterrupted prosperity for about 80 years.  (The 1% club admitted this during dinner and felt it had an impact on their outlook)

The food was fantastic and it was great to see my friend.  I work hard everyday in hopes that one day I'll be able to sit at the club with her and her husband, not as a guest, but a member of the 1% club myself.