New Stimulus Package Emerges

This evening the Washington Post has leaked news that the Obama economic team is working on a new stimulus package priced in the hundreds of billions.

With the artificial stimulus now wearing off (other than the massive debt we are left to pay) the economic team of mass destruction appears to be back at work after a long summer break.

The country does not need to be "stimulated" with the government's debt poison, it needs to be restructured. 

This of course is the last option for the administration. Restructuring will only come in the form of complete collapse. 

This stimulus will most likely coincide with Bernanke's much anticipated Quantitative Easing Part II, the new trillion plus dollar printing party directed at keeping assets such as stocks and real estate at artificially high bubble levels.

The country does not need the Fed's printing poison, it needs to allow the debt to restructure and prices to fall.

When our leaders finish destroying the country and money begins to move swiftly out of the government bond bubble, keep your eye on gold and silver as a home for that capital.