Retail Real Estate

I came down to Orlando on Friday for a commercial real estate conference.  I'll be down here through Wednesday so I'll do my best to update with my thoughts on the markets while I'm here.

The conference is focused on the retail sector of commercial real estate.  This may seem like the last possible event I would partake in based on my outlook on both real estate and retail.

I am probably more bearish on retail over the short term (1-2) years than just about any other investment in the world.  This is the reason I am down here studying it, because I believe prices are about to get slaughtered and this will bring investment opportunity.

All assets move through cycles, and I hope to be prepared to buy into this one as pessimism reaches it's peak.  I will discuss the highlights of the weekend and my thoughts on the retail sector moving forward when I get back home later this week.

In the meantime the markets continued to move higher today and the euphoria is beginning to creep back into the media.

During this run up over the past week corporate insiders (the people running the companies whose stocks are on the exchange) were sellers of stocks compared to buyers with a ratio of 651 to 1.

They purchased $500,000 in shares and sold $332,000,000.  Their vote of confidence in the stock market recovery should be another good sign for those still holding onto their shares.