Friday, November 12, 2010

Going Full Circle: Looking Forward

The following graphic provides an excellent visual as to how the crisis will unfold over the next few years.  It will come in staggered stages, like continuous endless punches to the stomach, as our government will never allow insolvent or inefficient banks or companies to re-structure themselves into profitably and economically viable entities. 

The expense will continue to mount on the backs of the blind public until we reach the final currency crisis, which is pegged below in 2013 as Bretton Woods II.  (Bretton Woods I was when the US defaulted on its debt in 1971, and took the world off the gold standard.  Since that point we have had the first global fiat currency structure, meaning no currency around the world is backed by anything of value, and Central Banks have the ability to print endlessly.  This structure has brought a never ending stream of bubbles/crisis which will culminate in "the big one" sometime around 2013.The big one will materialize as the complete collapse of the dollar)

I agree with the chart and its timeline completely.  I see the commercial real estate collapse coming around 2012, just as the currency crisis is entering its final stage.  The goal at that point will be to begin selling your gold and silver to purchase commercial real estate assets.

I will be able to help readers and investors with the second portion of that process when the time comes.  I am working extremely hard today to prepare for that future tomorrow.  Until then, continue to accumulate precious metals and enjoy the show.