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2011 Investment Recommendations

Before we get started with the look ahead to the new year, I would first like to thank the people who continue to visit and read this website.  My viewership has grown significantly since the launch back in August 2008. 

For the newer readers, I will provide a quick overview for who The Tuna is and why this site was created.  My business work on a day to day basis is in the realm of real estate.  I manage a 460 unit apartment community as a full time job, and I work on other real estate projects in my off hours.

If you have read this site for any length of time you know that I am more negative on real estate and its near term potential than just about any other asset on the planet.  This is the reason I work in the industry.  My goal is to be as prepared as possible to take advantage of the coming real estate investment opportunities when prices fall to attractive investment levels.

I manage a community to learn how it needs to be run when I own my property in the future.  I work with private investors today on their current projects to learn how to work with them in the future on our projects.  I spend time developing relationships with realtors, mortgage brokers, attorneys, and tax consultants.  My vacation time is spent at 4 day courses that run evaluation simulations on commercial projects that you discuss and analyze with other real estate professionals. (It's a vacation paradise for real estate investors)

While my personal portfolio over the past five years has been composed of close to 100% silver and silver related assets, I have never owned a property or real estate related investment of any kind.

In my free time my life is in the financial markets.  I read and sift through over 1500 business, finance, and real estate articles a week, 78,000 a year. (Through a program called google reader, which streamlines the process in an incredible new way)

I read close to 50 business books a year by text or audio. (Kindle and Audible)  I listen to over 300 hours of financial radio a year, (Financial Sense and King World News) and I occasionally take the television off mute to listen to commentators on CNBC which streams in my home close to 24 hours a day.

Most of this information stays bottled up inside me, and the rest spills over onto this website.  This allows me to help digest what I've learned as well as help others that may need more clarity on what is happening in the financial world around them. 

The incredible success of personal portfolios that have exploded in value based on the outlook provided here makes me far happier than any paycheck I have ever received at a job.

So with that, I look forward to another exciting and fast paced year in the markets ahead of us.  The financial world is changing with lightning speed and the entire paradigm used by anaylsts has become outdated moving forward.  The following is an overview of the biggest stories of 2011, and ends with my personal financial recommendations for investments in the year ahead.

Continuing to look forward and live in the future tense,

The Tuna