Food Stamp Participation

The chart below shows the number of Americans (43.6 million) and the percentage of Americans (14%) currently receiving food stamps every month.  Data is through the month of November.

These Americans receive a card that turns on the first day of every month at midnight.  The only thing keeping these 14% of Americans from facing starvation is the price of food staying stable enough for the few hundred dollars a month to feed their family.

If food prices begin to rise at an unstable rate then these Americans will begin to starve.  The following shows the increase of food prices for certain foods for just the month of January alone:

Corn + 7.76%
Wheat + 5.63%
Rice + 10.08%
Hogs +10.16%
Sugar + 5.64%
Orange Juice + 3.33%
Cotton + 17.08%

While I believe we are a few stages away from hyperinflation (one more deflationary fall), this will be the final outcome as the starving food stamp participants are priced out of the market.  At that point you will want to lock your doors and close your eyes.