Social Mood Toward Banks

I enjoy tracking the social mood of people around me and the mainstream media.  Because we are entering the next wave down where our government will have to make decisions on who to save and who to let go, things are going to get dicey.

They have already saved the bankers who were first in line and the ones who created the financial crisis.  They have received record bonuses over the past two years and will sail off in the sunset unharmed.

Now that the money used to save the banks has bankrupted the country, we can begin trying to save the jobs for teachers, police officers, and firemen with whatever money (ability for our government to borrow) is left.  The clock is ticking.

The Daily Show looks at this issue in a more humorous way below.  It fascinates me that the media has already turned on our banks and we have not even begun the economic crisis that they created.  Things will get far uglier as we move forward.