Spanish Riots

The Spanish economy continues to crumble.  Total unemployment in the country is now hovering at 22%, and unemployment for people age 18 - 35 is now over 45%.

The youth, after spending tens of thousands of dollars on a college education, have no job opportunities available for them.  In order to pass the time during the day they have begun forming protests which continue to become more and more violent.

Ironically this is only the warm up for what is in store for Spain.  Soon the country will need a bail out on its government debt.  They will be forced to cut spending significantly (spending that goes toward the tax payers to stimulate the economy) and the money saved and additional money borrowed will be used to bail out the banks and ensure their continued record high salaries. (See Greece, Ireland, and now Portugal)

However, before we get to the truly violent rioting following the coming bank bail outs, we can take a look at the calm gatherings on the streets on Spain this afternoon.  And yes, that is a police officer slamming a baton into a young girl's stomach 30 seconds in......

And more form Spain and a glimpse into the coming American lifestyle when our bankrupt government no longer can provide endless weeks of unemployment, social security, medicare, stimulus programs, $150,000 government salaries, and monstrous government pension programs.