Gerald Celente On The GOP

Gerald Celente discusses the "cartoon network's" broadcast of the Presidential reality show last night. America tuned in to learn about the future promises on the way from our bankrupt government and hear about how much better our life will be when we receive these gifts during the next Presidential term. In the real world, as the European banking system is freezing up and stocks are plunging, we continue to take steps closer to the real economic collapse. The one created from a government and Federal Reserve that could not say no to the American people.

Across the pond we can see exactly what the future holds for America by peering through the looking glass at Greece; a country that promised its people more than it could afford. Please remember that just 16 months ago Greece debt was considered AAA and the rates for its government debt were almost identical to that of the United States. The global financial market will wake up one morning and decide it does not make sense to lend money to America for 2 years at .44% (at today's bond prices), just as it did not make sense to lend $800,000 to an American for a home when he does not have a job or down payment. When that morning comes......