Greece Live Stream

Live feed cutting to multiple cameras of the rioting on the streets of Greece as they wait for the bail out announcement that will cut spending and increase taxes on Greek citizens to ensure record setting bank bonuses around the world.

I will continue to bring live broadcasts of rioting moving to Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Spain, the UK, Japan, and the United States as the banks continue to be bailed out and the cost is incurred by the citizens.

We can only hope the bank employees receiving the billion$ in bonus revenue will give back to the rest of us through charity. (For tax write off reasons)

After all, after writing trillions of dollars of insurance guarantees (that they collect payments for every month) on countries who could not pay their debt, it only makes sense that they kept no money aside should the insurance payouts actually be needed. That is where the tax payer steps in. Heads they win. Tails the tax payer loses.

Fortunately, the average American has no idea what is currently taking place behind the curtain in the world of banking derivatives (insurance).  Eventually they will, when it is our turn to bail them out again, and our streets will look like this:

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