No US Employment Recovery

The following chart shows the employment recovery coming out of the Great Recession for the United States (red line) and the rest of the developed world. 

As you can see, while the rest of the world shook off the financial crisis, jobs in the United States did not return and it appears they may not be returning.  (Other than temporary government jobs)

A clearer view of this dynamic can been seen by looking back to the year 2000.  The following graph shows the net loss of jobs over the past decade in America (red) and the growth of jobs by the rest of the world. (blue)  

No President in history has ever been re-elected with an unemployment rate above 8%.  I would prepare yourself for shock and awe stimulus packages coming from both the Federal Government (deficit spending) and the Federal Reserve (money printing) over the next 12 months. 

These shots of heroine may provide another short lived artificial boost to the economic numbers, and they will provide another launching pad for portfolios loaded with precious metals as they destroy the currency in the process.