$1,600 Gold - $40 Silver

New all time record for the price of gold as it crossed the $1,600 barrier this morning. 

Silver is now back above $40 while all eyes have moved back to Europe.  The bond rates for just about everyone rocketed higher this morning and their banking system continues to move toward disaster.

Italy, the titanic looking for an ice burg, crossed the 6% line for a 10 year bond, and 2 year Greek bonds after the second bail out are now trading at 36%.  (Higher rates mean lower prices)

Look for the bloodshed to continue as the billions of people around the world slowly begin realize the paper money they hold is backed by nothing.  The move toward precious metals will continue to be calm and orderly until we reach the tipping point and it becomes a mania.

With the power of the internet, curious investors can look up information about metals and discover there is less above ground silver available today than gold.

When that sinks in, you will see a mania greater than both stocks in 2000 and real estate in 2005 for the scarce physical silver that remains.