Land Of The Poor

Looking back throughout history you can find that an empire has always collapsed for the same two reasons.  Ironically, they are both due to a country destroying itself from within, like a cancer, not due to a new power taking over by force.

1. Their growth in military and social spending becomes too large to maintain creating a debt crisis

The United States spends close to 80% of our $3.7 trillion annual spending on military and social programs like social security and medicare.

2. The wealth distribution in the country shifts heavily toward a small rich few and away from an enormous group of poor. 

The following video by PBS discusses the second factor taking place in the twilight of the current United States empire. 

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

As an investor you just need to understand that the world will be changing soon.  Politicians will keep the train going 130 miles per hour over the cliff until it hits the ravine and explodes.  There is no stopping the force that is in place.

Things will soon be far worse than they are today.  With a small amount of preparation you will be well ahead of the majority that are caught off guard.