The Mask Is Removed

I get up early every morning, pour myself a cup of coffee, and spend a few hours churning through financial articles and information surrounding the markets.

I then try and digest the information and present it in a way that is easy to understand on this site.  Most of what I have been discussing over the past 2 years, based on my analysis of market information, has been negative.

That is because the fundamentals of the global economy have been deteriorating, rotting away under the surface.  Nothing has been healed or fixed since the financial crisis of 2008. It has only been masked by trillions in government spending and central bank printing.

But the true mask has been the stock market.

When I write negative information on this site it is brushed aside and scoffed at by some because the market is rising.  Investors look for a reason to justify the rise, and "this time is always different."

I spent countless hours every week explaining the implications for the explosion of European debt.  I talk about unemployment and falling home prices.  I write articles every week discussing the unsustainable and reckless spending in Washington. 

Readers take in the information but then they read how the United States government debt is rated AAA.  They watch the stock market rise every day and can taste the euphoria around them as Americans "wealth" increases with the paper prices of shares in their 401k.  People fill the restaurants and the malls.

This week the mask was removed.  The DOW fell 630 points today taking trillions away from Americans in retirement income. 

This is not the crisis. 

The Federal Reserve and global central bankers will respond, and they will respond with force.

The European Central Bank has already announced they are ready to purchase enormous amounts of Spanish and Italian debt.

We receive word from the Federal Reserve tomorrow.  The market will hang on their every breath.

The crisis is not when the United States government debt is rated AA.  It will come when it is rated at its true value: Junk. Worthless. 

It is a crisis that began 40 years ago when president Nixon took the world off the gold standard.

The final show is coming.  Gold stands ready.