Michael Maloney: Why Gold?

People ask me what prompted me to begin purchasing and recommending gold and silver back in 2005. The answer is that I began studying finance in late 2004 and read through every maintstream finance book available. Most were informative, but one really shook me up and completely altered my view of the world.

It was called "Rich Dad Poor Dad," by Robert Kiyosaki.

I immediately read through all his books and purchased his online video teaching service which at the time was $9.95 per month; a large purchase for me.

One of the videos was a guest speaker named Michael Maloney who was discussing debt, the money supply, financial history, and something called gold and silver.

From there I consumed myself in study to learn more and try to confirm his facts and theory about what was coming for the global financial system.  That opened the door to a whole new world, leading me to authors such as Peter Schiff and the a study of Austrian economics.

I had a chance to meet Michael Maloney in 2006 at a real estate seminar in New York City.  He had a booth set up that was selling and talking about gold and silver coins in the corner of a huge showroom.  There was no one at this booth.  All the attendees were swarming the products that taught you how to flip homes and become a millionaire.

I had the chance to talk with him for about 25 minutes about everything I was studying and what he thought was coming for the world.  I told him I was 100% invested in silver and that it was his fault.  He laughed.

Fast forward 5 years later and Maloney is now a phenom.  He has written a best selling book "Guide To Investing In Gold And Silver," and he is now the keynote speaker at investment conferences while the real estate booths sit empty.

The following is a recent presentation he gave to a large audience showing the potential for precious metals.  The most important piece of the segment comes 20 minutes in when he discusses how the current monetary system works.  It is about 10 minutes long.

If you can understand this concept alone it will have a life changing impact on how you invest for the rest of your life. (Including after the gold and silver bubbles burst when it is time to purchase stocks and real estate)

He then goes on to discuss debt, stock values, real estate, and where we go from here.