Future Tense Changes

As long time readers have noticed, the web site has taken on a new look over the past week.  I have had a desire to enhance the page for a while and finally put some time into getting it done.

There are tabs at the top of the page such as "Recommended Reading" and "Today's Market News and Media."

Recommended Reading will be for readers who are looking to further enhance their understanding of the financial markets and economics.  In addition to the top books of the year and the classics, I will be adding a book review on the most recent book that I have read. 

Today's Market News and Media will be a content heavy site for those hungry for additional information on what is happening right now.  I review hundreds of articles, videos, and radio shows daily, and I will filter and post the most important on that tab.

More tabs will be coming, and I will discuss them when they arrive.

In addition, you now see there is advertising on the page.  After great debate, I have decided to include banner ads for companies that I both endorse and/or use personally.  For example, the number one question I am asked is where should I purchase gold and silver?

I have held metals at Goldmoney since the fall of 2005.  I believe in the company and have recommended it for both family and friends who have now opened accounts.  You can now find a link to set up a Goldmoney account directly on this page through the banner ad on the right.

I am a reader (Barnes and Nobles),  I read the Wall Street Journal every morning, and I study Mike Maloney's work (Wealth Cycles) because I feel he has an incredible understanding of monetary history and the financial markets.  Banner links are now placed to the left of the site to access these resources.

As always, thank you for the readership from those around the world.  The website is closing in on 50,000 views and is now consistently getting 3,000 to 4,000 visitors monthly.  The rate of growth continues to rise rapidly.

Your financial education will be extremely important over the coming years, and I hope to continue to be a resource for enhancing your education.