Occupy Wall Street Movement Grows

I was in Target late last night at the check out line and I pulled out my Bank of America debit card to pay when the guy in line behind me said, "Oh, they're getting your $5 a month too, huh?"

The anger over Bank of America to charge $5 per month to use a debit card amazes me.  The large banks have stolen trillions of dollars from the American public both through direct tax payer payments and indirect funds from the Federal Reserve.

They have taken this money and used it to leverage up their trading accounts and pay out enormous annual bonuses to their upper management and traders.  Almost no money has moved back into the hands of the public in the form of mortgage, small business, or consumer loans. (Those now come from the government - meaning Americans through current and future taxes)   The money we handed to them sits on their balance sheet in the form of cash reserves.

I have discussed this on a regular basis for 3 full years, but Americans over this period for the most part could care less.  It is much more difficult to see the money stolen from them through taxes and printed currency than it is to see $5 removed from their account every month.

Things have been taken up a notch over the past month with the "Occupy Wall Street" movement.  The protesters recently made an appearance in my home town of Charlotte, and they have even spread out to cities like Seattle.

When we reach our real debt crisis, a large portion of the fabric that holds our society together is going to come unglued.  People cannot understand this unless they turn on the news and it is happening.  The very beginning of this process is now taking place.  The following is the visual confirmation that Americans need taking place on the streets across the country as we speak.