2012 Outlook: Introduction

2012 Outlook Part 1: Introduction
2012 Outlook Part 2: How We Got Here
2012 Outlook Part 3: Sovereign Debt Review
2012 Outlook Part 4: Global Butterfly Effect
2012 Outlook Part 5: Japan's Debt Crisis
2012 Outlook Part 6: United States Stock Market
2012 Outlook Part 7: United States Bond Market
2012 Outlook Part 8: Gold And Silver
2012 Outlook Part 9: How To Invest
2012 Outlook Bonus: Real Estate

For the new readers to this site, especially the large number of new readers from outside the United States, welcome to The Future Tense.

My name is Tuna, and I am a market junkie.

I spend hours and hours every day reading articles and books, listening to radio shows and books, and devouring as much information as my time allows to learn about the financial and economic systems that connect the world around us.

For regular "work," I am involved in the property management industry, I am the broker-in-charge for a real estate company in Charlotte that also does consulting for larger banks and their real estate projects, and I have recently created a new company - a project I am excited to discuss on this site in the coming months.

I also spend a good amount of time studying sales, marketing, and business growth, topics I have not spent time covering on this site but plan to involve more in the future.

Anyone who has read the site for a short period of time knows that in general I am very pessimistic on the short term outlook for the global economy - specifically the American economy.  However, I look at the coming downturn as an opportunity for both business owners and investors, as long as you can both protect your capital before it hits and have the courage to use that capital when it arrives.

Over this decade there will be once in a lifetime opportunities to purchase stocks and real estate in our great country.  I look forward to the day when I can turn in my gold and silver and invest in a country that I can believe in.  Unfortunately, based on our current political structure, to reach that bottom we must first experience a collapse.

Again, thank you to continued readers and the new viewers from around the world.  I will continue to do my best to keep you informed and ahead of the coming trends that will impact everyone's life in the new world we are moving toward.

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