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Sovereign Debt:

Greece Clings To Hope Of A Deal - Reuters
No Deadline For End Of Greece Talks - Bloomberg

Japan's $130 Billion Fund Goes Unused - Bloomberg
Japan's GDP Projected To Fall In 2011 - Yahoo
Japan's Fiscal Pressure Grows With Tax Cut Plan - Bloomberg
Hungary To Raise Rates - IMF Talks Delayed - Bloomberg

Precious Metals:

The New Gold Rush - CNN


Florida Politics: Focus On Housing - New York Times
Obama Speech: Focus On Manufacturing Rebirth - Bloomberg
Buffett Blames Congress for Romney's Tax Rate - Bloomberg
Romney Paid 13.9% In 2010 - Bloomberg
Gingrich Releases A Fannie Mae Contract - Bloomberg
Buffett Wins In Keystone Pipeline Drama - Bloomberg


How Unrealistic Optimism Is Maintained In The Face Of Reality - Nature
Behavioral Pricing - Insider
Can Behavioral Economics Save Us From Ourselves? - Chicago

Radio Downloads (for your ipod or mp3):

Audio Interview with Jean Marie Eveillard - King World News
Audio Interview with Professor Edward Altman - Financial Sense Newshour

Video: Granville on Bloomberg - DOW To 8000 This Year