Gerald Celente Discussing The Hawks Circling Over Iran

For a complete analysis on the Greece default and credit event see:

Part One: The Greece Bailout: Do Not Trigger The Bomb

Part Two: Bomb Triggered: ISDA Determines Greek Restructuring A Credit Event

Part Three: Credit Default Swaps: How Large Is The Exposure?


  1. Hello,

    I understand that opinions and commentary other than that of the mainstream media are relevant and important in terms of divergence of opinion, but, do you not think this is a very biased source. I would see RT as being a feed of propaganda, even if I agree with a lot of the commentary on it. It seems to have a pretty obvious agenda against the US - I am not American, by the way.

    1. I agree, the RT is definitely an overly biased source, but I have heard and read Gerald Celente's work for years and his forecasts have been spot on in both the geopolitical and financial realm. While "most" of what RT shows is overly sensational, just as "most" of what the mainstream US news shows is extremely dubbed down and overly optimistic, every once in while a network will interview someone who knows what they are talking about and you can take the TV off mute.

  2. Thanks for the reply, it’s good to at least get ‘other’ opinions. I agree with you on the simplicity or naivety of mainstream media, even blindness. Thanks for that PBS link by the way. It was excellent, showing exactly the point that it’s not different this time.

    I really enjoy your postings. Thanks a lot for all your efforts.

  3. You can't rely on one or even two news sources, alas. Every outlet sufficiently large to send out and pay reporters will have some bias or other.

    I think you have to read everything you can to get some idea of what's going on; and then you'll probably still be wrong :-)


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