Richard Duncan Discusses The Future For Our Global Economy

One of my absolute favorite authors and speakers on economics is Richard Duncan, author of the bestsellers "The Dollar Crisis" and "The Corruption of Capitalism," both of which have predicted the future we live in today.

This month he released his new masterpiece called "The New Depression," which is an incredible in depth analysis on both how the global economy got to where it is today and the possible scenarios we face moving forward. He is rather bullish on the short term opportunities for the United States in terms of their ability to finance government spending at ultra low interest rates allowing them the opportunity to create programs that will benefit both the US and the global economy as a whole.

For an extremely well done and thought provoking speech he recently gave for the CFA Institute in Hong Kong (charts are provided throughout the speech) click on the link here.

This past week he also gave a lengthy audio interview (mp3 and iPod download) discussing his new book with Jim Puplava on the Financial Sense Newshour which can be heard here.

And finally, he gave a brief interview with CNBC this week talking about the global economy: