Same Men: Just Pick Your Favorite Color - Red Or Blue?

Unless the real crisis arrives in America (2008 was the warm up) forcing the politician's hands, the following graphic shows why it will be at least 4 years and 7 months before the largest banks, currently choking the life out of our economy, are restructured. Click for larger image:


  1. Hello Tuna --

    I'm a big fan of your normally cogent analysis. This piece, however, leaves me wondering if you are missing the obvious distinctions between both the scale and origin of the contributions. The fact that Obama derives so much financial support from universities (and, particularly, that his largest contributor is a publicly funded university) is more disturbing to me than the fact that Romney, like Obama, is attracting funds from the banksters.

    Would you care to comment further? Thanks.

  2. Yes, the University of California is run by the state of California and is basically a direct contribution from the state. California will be needing a large federal bailout over the next 4 years as its budgets, pensions, and taxes are a disaster in the making. Their campaign contribution is a down payment on that bailout. If you were looking for an Obama bashing, you got it. It is not something wrong with Obama as a person, who I like, it is something wrong with the foundation of our entire political structure. The same analysis can be applied to the foundation of our financial system. I do not blame the bankers for taking millions in bonuses year after year through a tax payer backstop, nor do I blame Obama or Romney for taking millions in campaign contributions in order to get elected. I blame the American people who are sound asleep to the world they are living in. Nothing changes without a crisis.


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