Japan Government Bond Disaster: The Storm Cloud Approaches

The following are some of the articles I have written this year to preview what I see as a looming crisis in the Japanese government bond market:

2012 Outlook: Japan's Debt Crisis

Shorting Japanese Government Bonds: Trade Of The Decade

Global Sovereign Web Of Toxic Debt

Next up is an interview with Hugh Hendry providing his thoughts on what the future holds for Japan:

Hugh Hendry: Betting On Deflation Through Japan

For those out that there still want more, I present to you the Harvard Business School case study created on Kyle Bass and his "outside the box" view of the future for Japan's debt markets. Yes, the same Kyle Bass who had an "outside the box" view of subprime bonds back in 2006 and bet against them through credit default swaps, which led to him being the star character in Michael Lewis' book "The Big Short." The same Kyle Bass who, after the financial crisis hit in 2008, took his billions in profits and began betting against a very small country named Greece; two years before Greece ever reached a headline. He is now positioned with heavy firepower against the Japanese debt markets, and he is most likely once again very early on the trade. Click on the full screen button for a larger view.
Hayman Capital Management

For those that enjoy listening over reading, the following is a recent (and rare) interview Kyle Bass gave to BBC News.



  1. I saw that interview sometime ago, that lady is a joke.
    Heres something everyone needs to see. The movie "Thrive" There will be no important movie you will ever see in your lifetime.
    Shows you how the system really works. Jon

  2. Thank you for the link. I have posted the full movie here on the site.

  3. Hi, This is a pretty good link on this topic.



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