Jim Rogers On Farming, Metals & More

I was speaking with my wonderful Mom on Mother's Day and about my sister, who is currently dating a farmer. While my parents are happy that she has found a great guy who treats her well, I am beyond ecstatic with his profession. It is too early to tell whether they will ultimately get married, but I take every chance I get to let her know that his profession will be one of the most lucrative this decade. Becoming a farmer today is similar to entering Wall Street finance in 1992 or the real estate industry in 2002.

The legendary Jim Rogers spoke with Maria Bartiroma on this subject and much more in this CNBC interview below. He sees a continued correction in precious metals, which will present an opportunity to purchase more, and huge trouble for the global economy in 2013 - 2014. He even takes a moment during the interview to tell Maria to quit her job and learn to drive a tractor.



  1. The US national debt clock in your page is over 16T but the debt clock here is only 15.6T http://zfacts.com/p/461.html

    Which one is the actual US national debt?

  2. The 15.6 is right. I've been meaning to switch that since I put it up over the weekend. Thank you for reminding me.

    What is an extra $400 billion here or there though right?

  3. today the debt clock is showing 15.720T. I remembered it was 15.681T when I first posted my comment. With this rate of growth, the debt ceiling will be reached much sooner than Sept.


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