Memorial Day Weekend - Taking Chance

I spent some time this weekend watching the movie "Taking Chance," which documents the true story of a marine lieutenant volunteering to escort home the body of a fallen marine from his home town. The movie was excellent and brings you through the entire process of a soldier coming home to his family from war in the worst way possible. It makes you appreciate those out there that continue to fight for your country, whether you believe in everything they are fighting for or not. For readers outside the United States, while our country has a laundry list of problems (usually discussed here on this site), remember it is our forces and our troops that keep the peace around the world. When our country reaches its debt crisis and funding for those forces will no longer be possible or significantly reduced, it is hard to argue that the world will be a safer place. Take some time to thank someone you pass wearing a military uniform, and if you are looking for a good film I highly recommend "Taking Chance" on Memorial Day.