Economic Collapse For Dummies

The guys over at Future Money Trends have released another entertaining video on the future of our economy. After touting a hyperinflationary scenario first for the past few years they have now moved toward a deflationary collapse followed by a currency crisis. This has been my stance for well over two years running so I am now finally in agreement with their outlook.

Those following this strategy over the past few years of holding current positions and raising "safe" cash with new income have suffered watching the stock market move from over valued to very over valued and watching long term bonds move from very over valued into their blow off mania stage. I discussed this "suffering" in detail in the introduction of the Global Market Forecast back in March. However, I believe those that have been patient and remained on the sidelines are very close to their reward. As difficult as it has been to remain out of risk assets during this artificial move up, it will be even more difficult to put that cash to work when fear enters and markets begin to sell off significantly.

This is not a recommendation of Future Money Trends' site or their services; please do your own homework. That being said, they put together tremendously entertaining videos that contain a lot of excellent information. Particularly important during this most recent release is their focus on the impact of demographics. I have discussed this in detail in the past and have recommended reading Harry Dent's most recent book The Great Crash Ahead. Dent is a specialist on demographics and the impact retiring baby boomers will have on the economy.