A Real Discussion On The Coming US Fiscal Disaster

The following video, an interview with former senator of Wyoming Alan Simpson, goes through the details of exactly what you will not hear during 99.9% of the mainstream news conversations: the truth.

Let me say first that I love Paul Ryan, and I will be discussing his plans for deficit spending cuts in detail as we move closer to the election. I would be proud of America if he was running for President.

Let me also say that all his excellent ideas will never come close to passing and most likely will not even enter a room for discussion. The United States is run by a group of children, and the only force that will enter the room and force them to make one serious decision is the bond market. That day is coming.

In the meantime we can only sit back and watch and discuss the disaster that is unfolding, which Simpson lays out beautifully. "Medicare is on automatic pilot, and it will use up every resource of the government." Instead of starting with a .0007% cut in the budget through some education cut, why don't politicians start with that simple statement and work backwards? Anyway, this is why I don't talk about this ridiculous subject. Let's just continue to focus on how we will profit from the disaster.

Much more from Simpson: