United States Of Greece: Counting Down To $16,000,000,000,000

national debt


  1. Now imagine when Obamacare or ACA takes place, premiums will of course sky rocket. As insurance companies have to insure everyone. When people have to pay more for their insurance they also expect to get more out of the insurance. Therefore people will constantly run to the hospital for any minor thing and they will expect better service of the hospital because of the higher premium which will increase the premium even further. The only thing ACA really does is increasing demand without increasing supply. With these high premiums it will be cheaper for folks to pay the fee of not having insurance and simply get insurance when they get sick, since insurance companies can´t deny you.
    What happen when insurance companies only have sick people insured? We are looking at a full bailout of every single insurance company in US.

    Also Obama just said he wants a bailout for every single industry in United States.

    And you think you have seen inflation or high deficit yet? Hahaha


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