A Conversation With Ray Dalio: Europe, The Global Economy, Gold, & More

Due to the fact that hedge fund managers charge a hefty premium to invest in their funds, 2% annual fee plus 20% of all profits, it is usually the case that any such slow down in performance causes investors to jump ship.

This means that it takes a very special manager to last over the long run because you must have essentially an endless string of success which is almost impossible in the financial world we live in today. One of those very special fund managers is Ray Dalio who formed Bridgewater Associates in 1975; now the largest hedge fund in the world with over $120 billion under management.

It is always a treat to read reports from Dalio or even get a 5 to 10 minutes interview on the markets, but today I have something far more special. Ray sat down with Maria Bartiroma this week and provided an hour long interview and Q&A session that is provided in the video below.

Ray discussed his thoughts on Europe, the global economy, current investments strategies and gold, saying "there is no sensible reason not to own gold" based on the current negative interest rate environment. Much more from one of the greatest ever: