Eric Sprott Discusses Precious Metals

Incredible interview with someone who does not usually get "mainstream" time; billionaire hedge fund manager Eric Sprott.

Sprott's fund, which has over $10 billion under management, maintains over 80% of the fund in precious metals and mining shares.

I read and listen to just about every piece of information Sprott makes available, and I believe when we reach the endgame he will be one of the most wealthy men in the world (his personal portfolio which is over $1 billion in size is heavily concentrated in precious metals and mining stocks).


  1. Yeah, the old poke at the survivalist at the end. I wish Sprott had asked one question at the end: "What would you have told the Greeks and Spanish to do 3 years ago?". That puts it in perspective. And it DID happen here during the 30's, but back then everyone had kin that had a farm, and a LOT of families moved out of cities and lived in barns. I wish more of the depression era folks were still alive. I talked with them 20 odd years ago about this thing as in what DID happen.

    1. Just imagine if the Greek and Spanish citizens did not have the security of the current euro bailout system. If they were forced to leave the euro and revalue their currency they would see the true importance of precious metals in the portfolio.

      Japan, the UK, and the US will have no such protection when their time arrives.


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