Marc Faber: Global Market Review & How To Invest Capital Today

Marc Faber took some time to speak with CNBC this week regarding his thoughts on the world and where he would put his money today. Over the next 3 to 5 years he said he sees the entire financial system going bankrupt, which was followed by laughter on the CNBC set, and Faber telling them they will need to purchase gold, farmland, and the means to survive on your own.

After quickly dismissing such a thought they asked him what he sees happening in the markets "right now." Faber bought European shares at their lows a few months back and is now looking at American real estate based on its relative value to other property around the world (a topic I will be discussing much further soon). He sees an incredible slow down in Asia.

His best line came at the very end where he said that those that purchased real estate and stocks in Germany over the last 100 years still own their assets. Those that purchased government bonds or held cash were wiped out three different times. An excellent history lesson for those rushing into bonds that will soon once again learn how much a paper promise is worth from a bankrupt government.

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