Hugh Hendry Speaks: The World Listens

The following is a rare open forum for one of the greatest minds in finance today to discuss his thoughts on the world and take questions from the audience. Hugh Hendry has become a hedge fund legend over the past few years as he has continued to make money during good times and bad (he remarks briefly on the 50% he made during just the month of October 2008 - the month most hedge funds lost 30% or more of their total value).

The Hendry portion of the video lasts about 22 minutes and if you fast forward to the 55 minute mark there is an interview with a second hedge fund titan: David Einhorn (another household name on this website). Einhorn famously challenged the balance sheet of a major bank back in 2008. The bank's name was Lehman Brothers. I'm sure you have heard who ended up winning the challenge as Einhorn took his short position on Lehman down to $0.0.

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If you enjoy the thoughts of Mr. Hendry I'll provide two more bonus links for you. The first is a written interview he provided Barron's magazine regarding the coming trouble in Japan:

Hugh Hendry: Betting On Japan Through Deflation

The following is his most recent newsletter released in April of this year. These newsletters are now only released every few years.

Hugh Hendry: Market Outlook