Markets Closed As Sandy Rips Through Northeast

The US stock and option exchanges are closed today due to Hurricane Sandy marking the first unscheduled market wide shutdown since since the September 11 attacks. Many of my friends living in the northeast will be enjoying a day off of work today.

I am in the process of moving out of the downtown part of Charlotte, North Carolina and into a new home in the suburbs. While moving is never fun, for a nerd like me it is not so bad. I just strap on the headphones and listen to both radio shows and audio books for hours and hours.

It has given me a chance to get caught up with this past month's excellent interviews on Financial Sense Newshour. I have been listening to their program for 6 years now. The show originally aired only on the weekends, but they have expanded the program (keeping the free hours of weekend radio) and adding week day interviews that you can enjoy for only $10 a month. The cost is well worth the amount of info you will receive.

If you are someone that does a lot of driving or traveling, listening to radio shows and audio books are a tremendous way to gain an advantage in the markets or just stay current on the best new books released. For audio books I use Audible (recommend having some sort of Apple device to listen).

Enjoy your day off traders. The best advice I can leave you with today while you are out driving is to never honk at old people.