Real Life Currency War Simulation

Jim Rickards opened the first chapter of his excellent book Currency Wars discussing his involvement in a financial war game simulation created by the American government.

The following example is different from the strategy he used in the government simulation, but it is much more realistic based on the current state of the geo-political and financial world we live in today.

It shows the importance of understanding that the United States strength is found not only in their highly discussed military power, but the amount of physical tonnes of gold it holds in reserves. China finds itself in the exact opposite situation and has most likely already begun, or will soon begin, scrambling to catch up with other countries around the world in total gold reserves.

Incredible walk through that shows the speed in which the currently calm currency wars taking place around the world can escalate quickly. Remember that no currency in the world has a currency backed by gold. For the first time in history, every single country is issuing (a tremendous amount) of worthless paper money backed by nothing. There will be a day when these paper bills are revalued to reflect the amount of currency that has digitally been created. It will come swiftly and suddenly and catch most by surprise.


  1. Gold? Not Silver? Do you think silver is still the way to go?

  2. For a country it is more difficult to store a large amount of silver. For the average investor this is less difficult.

    Silver is much more volatile, but I believe it has more upside. The answer to which is better has to do with your personal financial situation and how well you handle volatility.

  3. Thanks for your reply. That's clear, I agree with you on the upside to silver. Interesting times a'comin.

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