What Can We Cut To Balance The Budget?

A simple two minute walk through in the video below that hopefully helps some people see that America's "Greek moment" is already built in. There is not even a discussion to make changes in what you see here, never mind the actual will to do something.

What holds the US debt markets in place, currently resting at prices that will soon be understood to be at the greatest bubble in history, is confidence. Nothing more.

As always there will be a select few that are on the correct side of this coming change, a wealth transfer, while most will be caught off guard and lose almost everything.


  1. DYODD ...is a lesson learned to late for us baby boomers... but in defense of the vast majority of soon to be suffer-a-gettes...we tried to do the right thing....we worked and saved, we fought in wars and cared for our aging parents AND we listened to our financial advisors broken models of retirement. In the flurry of raising our kids and LIVING we exhibited that one trait that every huckster looks for in a mark: we placed too much faith in humanity.

  2. How do you end up on the right side of the wealth transfer? Is it buying silver and gold to benefit from the revaluation of the currency?

  3. Debt... the transfer is from savers (ie boomers) to debtors. But the right kind of debt...not cards or cars...debt that the government backstops...mortgages come to mind. Hey Tuna...can it be that simple?


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