A Look At Obamanomics Through The Eyes Of A Business Owner

As a business owner that employs workers I have to pay very close attention to the charade taking place in Washington over new taxes, employment laws, regulations, etc. that may impact any business decision.

The following video is a succinct look through the eyes of an "evil" business owner such as myself, who has put up a tremendous amount of time, personal capital, and risk to try and grow the total size of the economic pie in America.

To help balance the view, I will say that being a business owner allows many tax advantages not discussed in the film. The most important being that expenses are incurred first and then taxes are taken out of what is left - the exact opposite of what occurs as an employee. That one simple tax advantage is one of the many reasons I spend my life focused on learning how be a better business owner vs. learning how to be a better employee.

For those that have not read the book or seen the movie Atlas Shrugged (part 2 was just recently released in theaters), I recommend you take the time to do so. It provides a fictional tale of what happens when the government tries to control every portion of all business - hint; business owners give up trying to build companies and just walk away.