Ron Paul's Farewell Speech To Congress

The following is a 45 minutes speech that I understand most of you will not watch all the way through or even watch at all. Some of you, who know and appreciate Ron Paul, will watch it in full.

Soon after I gained an understanding of the problems both the country and the world faces financially, something I talked about last weekend, I found out that Ron Paul was the only person in politics with a firm understanding of these problems and a firm understanding of real Austrian economics.

The few of us out there who understand what is coming and hear our voices go unheard or even laughed at, depending on who you are trying to talk to or help, have had the benefit of watching Ron Paul try and do the same thing in politics. He tried to speak out and make a change in a world where people's jobs and livelihood (politicians) are based solely on making sure they make the worst possible decision for the country in the long term.

Paul discusses how not only have things not changed, but they are now moving exponentially in the wrong direction. This will set up the ultimate end game, the worst case scenario, and we will soon find out that 2008 was the warm up.

If you only care about listening to people with a strong financial understanding and could care less about politics, I'll let you know that Congressman Paul's portfolio has been heavily weight toward gold and gold related assets for a very long time. With gold's recent run from $250 to $1750, I would venture to say that his portfolio has performed not only better than any other politician, but most of the hedge funds around the world as well.