ECRI's Achuthan Defends His Call For Recession

I have posted every one of his media appearances since September 2011 when he first announced the coming recession so I will continue to do so here until he is proven correct or incorrect. Achuthan claims that we entered recession right around the mid year point (his late 2011 call) and discusses what a recession means for the ECRI group, which is essentially a slowdown in four coincident indicators: industrial production, personal income, sales, and employment. The first three peaked right at mid year but employment has continued growing (which he discusses in the video below).

The most recent discussion (attack) toward Achuthan.


  1. Great video. This guy makes a pretty compelling argument and obviously knows what he is talking about. What i dont understand is how can people keep point to GDP as an indicator when GDP is made up of a huge component that is manipulated... Government spending. Of course when you understand anything about real economics you realize that when you have the worlds reserve currency, and a central bank that prints money you can make GDP show positive, but does that really mean the economy is growing... people need to go back and read any austrian economics book to get a clue.


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