The Future Of America: Socialism

Merriam-Webster reported this week that "socialism" and "capitalism" were the most looked up words of the year. This statistic reminded me of another Pew survey I recently came across. The results were terrifying.

According to Pew, 49% of the youth survey responded positive to socialism, while only 43% responded negative (18 - 29 years old).

When asked about capitalism, 47% responded negative, with 46% responding positive.

This staggering statistic shows the deeply embedded culture in America today that it is the responsibility of the government to take care of the people. If this is already embedded into the minds of the younger generation it paints a horrifying picture for the future of America.


  1. Socialism is not such a dirty word - here in the UK we have the national health service which is free for everyone - paid for out of tax taken from our payroll. Rich and poor get the the same (good) service without having to pay extra or carry expensive insurance and yet the rich still have the option of paying extra to go "private" should they wish to stay in a slightly more upmmarket hospital and "jump the queue" a little - although note - almost all private procedures are still done in NHS theatres . The arguments in the USA (which seem to boil down to the haves not wishing to pay for the have nots) about Obamacare astound me ...

  2. I appreciate the perspective from someone outside the US. America has the worst health care structure in the world in terms of cost vs. quality. We also have the most unhealthy people in the world in terms of obesity - lack of exercise and horrible diets.

    I have no problem with paying for a public service with funds that the country take in through taxes in both the US and the UK. The problem is, which we will soon find out in Japan first (and I believe the US or UK second), is that socialism beyond your means only works when the bond market is willing to finance it.

    I see a world where government debt is toxic and the pleasantries that the developed economies have enjoyed will be taken away. Because I look at the future world through this prism today, it taints my view of decisions made with the government money.

    That being said, I understand that socialized healthcare saves lives. If it could be financed forever with a printing press then I would recommend it for every country in the world.


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