Welfare Vs. Working: Retiring Young In America

Staggering piece of data below based on recent research from the Congressional Research Service. They find that an average family living today is better off accumulating the average of all welfare payouts vs. working and collecting the median family income in 2011.

The number represents the total payout of welfare programs that pay food assistance, cash assistance, housing costs, and medical costs (essentially all living expenses). The federal money on these programs in 2011 was close to $1 trillion.

A family that takes the time to research how much they can make by not working and maximizing their welfare payouts often finds that the monthly payout greatly exceeds the income at a job.

With American now entering this new form of retirement, I find it fascinating that people are still confused with last month's election results in America. This past week's Newsweek cover sums it up perfect.


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